zineryt c1g

topical treatment with antibiotic

Topical antibiotics help kill the bacteria on the skin that can infect plugged hair follicles. They’re available as a lotion or gel that’s applied once or twice a day.

A 6- to 8-week course is usually recommended. After this, treatment is usually stopped, as there’s a risk that the bacteria on your face could become resistant to the antibiotics.

This could make your acne worse and cause additional infections.

Side effects are uncommon, but can include:

minor irritation of the skin

redness and burning of the skin

peeling of the skin


What is acne?

Acne is a skin condition which can happen to anyone, especially at certain times during your life. It’s caused by hormonal changes, like those that happen during puberty, pregnancy, or throughout your period. When you have acne, your skin will produce too much oil or sebum, which then clogs your pores and causes breakouts of spots and blackheads. When combined with this excess oil, the bacteria that live on your skin can get aggravated, causing redness and inflammation alongside the spots and this whole combination can be sore and irritating. Acne usually appears on your face, chest, or back, and it can be tempting to squeeze the spots that appear there, but you should resist the temptation and use an acne treatment to help you manage your condition effectively and avoid scarring.

What is Zineryt gel?

Zineryt gel is an acne treatment which uses to clear up your spot breakouts. If you have severe acne but haven’t had any luck with over the counter treatments, you may find that a prescription remedy like this one could be the right choice for you. It’s ideal for those who suffer with long-term acne and need a reliable treatment which won’t just help to manage one breakout, but will work over time to provide noticeable improvements to their skin.


How long will I need to use this acne treatment?

It’s important to note that Zineryt isn’t a quick-fix, spot zapping treatment, but is used over a longer period of time to provide noticeable improvements to your skin. You will usually need to use this treatment for around 10 – 12 weeks for best results, but you will normally start to see the difference in your skin before your full course of treatment ends. Make sure to use this acne treatment for the full length of time advised by your doctor, even if your skin clears up before then, as it will help you to get the most from this product 

and see improvement for longer.

Effective ingredients

Zineryt gel uses a combination of two active ingredients to treat your acne breakouts. The first is an antibiotic which helps to reduce the number of bacteria on your skin. By fighting this bacteria, this gel helps to keep your pores clear so they won’t clog and cause spots, it also helps to ease redness and inflammation. The second ingredient is a mineral your body uses to make new cells, and it’s included in this treatment to help encourage skin healing.

side effects

Like all medications, Zineryt can have side effects, although not everyone will experience them. These side effects include:

Allergic reactions, including rash, itching, difficulty breathing or swallowing, and swelling of the face, mouth, tongue, or throat. If this happens to you, stop use and seek immediate medical help

Temporary stinging in the area where you have applied the gel

A painful rash or burning sensation in the area where you have applied the gel. If this does not go away within a few hours or gets worse every time you use this product, stop use and seek immediate medical help

If you experience these or any other side effects you should speak to your doctor or pharmacist right away.

How to use 

According to the doctor’s order